Dear Parent,

Now there’s a proven system to help your child lose weight that actually makes it fun and easy. It’s completely different and much more effective than other children's fitness and sports programs.

This program is designed by the creators of the top fat loss program in the country for adults, and now it’s focused on getting results for the most important people in your life - your kids!

Introducing …

Better Kids Bootcamp

How is Better Kids Bootcamp different than any other fitness program around?

We take a three-fold approach to achieving results for your child:

- Fat-Burning Zone: Our program is designed to keep your child in the fat-burning heart-rate zone during their entire one hour workout. This will create the maximum amount of calorie burn in each class, and raise their metabolism which keeps them burning all day long.

- Coordination and Motor Skills: Our Bootcamp isn’t just about burning fat for your child right now. We want it to be the gateway to a brand new healthy lifestyle which will last a lifetime. That’s why we’ve designed our workouts to involve coordination, motor skills, and range of motion in addition to weight loss.

The result is your child will play more, they’ll perform better, and they’ll have more confidence. This confidence spiral will cause them to engage in even more fitness activities, making continuous weight loss and weight maintenance effortless.

- Healthy Habits Coaching: In our own fun, non-threatening, non-judgmental way, we’ll teach your child about how to have healthier lifestyle habits. They’ll learn how to make better eating choices, about which foods to avoid, and feel a level of accountability to their Better Kids coaches.

We take a deep, personal interest in your child and create a love of healthy eating and fitness in their lives. We help them create healthy habits for life.

Oh and I forgot the best part - our workouts are so much fun!

You know it too well already, that if your child isn’t having fun, they won’t want to do it. That’s a key part of the Better Kids Difference. We make our workouts and our entire environment so much fun, they’ll be begging you to go back. The problem with all other childrens fitness activities is they’re so boring, no child will want to do them. Better Kids is something they’ll love!

If you’re a parent of an overweight child, I have a few questions for you …

Have you been waiting for you child to outgrow their weight gain?
Have you thought about what might happen if they don’t?
Can you afford to leave this to chance?

It’s time to call in the experts!

Every Other Fitness Program for Kids Has Dropped the Ball. Unless You Get Our Help, You’re In for a Losing Battle …

With weight gain in children being an epidemic problem, Mayor Bloomberg banning plus sized drinks, and fast food companies “trying” to go healthy with apples and milk in their kids boxes, why are things only getting worse and children gaining more and more weight?

It’s because the causes of weight gain are coming at your kids from every angle. No matter how hard you try to work at it on your own, you’re facing a losing battle.

On top of that, ALL of the fitness options out there fall way short in some critical way, and are run by people that are horrendously under-qualified for the job.

Organized sports is too competitive and skills-based to be the best weight loss choice:

Playing sports is a big part of being a kid - but when it comes to weight loss for your child, it’s not doing the job. The competitive atmosphere of sports is actually a de-motivator for your child if they’re carrying extra weight.

Programs like martial arts are great, but with excessive emphasis on regimen and discipline, they actually work against the way children naturally behave and play.

Soccer and basketball are great if your child is already lean and coordinated. But if your child is just starting out and needs to lose weight, it might make them hate exercise and fitness even more.

(And none of these sports options is run by professionals that can teach your child about fitness and eating habits that will lead to lifelong weight loss.)

School gyms have neither the funding or resources to bring your child the attention and focus they need:

Phys-ed classes these days are being cut back, are over-crowded, and aren't supervised well enough to bring your child results. While our teachers do an amazing job with whatever they have, they don't have the resources to give your child the attention they need to achieve results.

The entire world is conspiring against you to make your child overweight, unhealthy, and doomed to a future of health problems:

While it seems on that surface that major corporations are doing more to promote health among children, this is a complete smokescreen.

If you look below the surface, you’ll notice they’re in fact getting more fierce in targeting your children. There are now more tempting and creative unhealthy food options, a video game and mobile entertainment industry discouraging activity and play, and young role models encouraging a destructive and unhealthy lifestyle.

If you don’t step in and do something now, your child will fall victim to this environment and enter a downward spiral toward failing health all the way into adulthood. It’s time for you to step in and take charge!

Stop Beating Yourself Up About Your Child’s Weight Problem - It’s Not Your Fault.

Stop blaming yourself as a parent for your child’s weight problem. If it was your fault, would the childhood weight problem be as big as it is, with millions of kids affected? Absolutely not.

This is an epidemic with numerous reasons causing it, and most of them are out of your control.

Okay, Enough “Doom-and-Gloom” About the Problem - Let’s Get Focused On the Solution.

And the first step is to stop trying to do it on your own. You have so much on your plate already, with work, family, finances, and your own body to worry about. Don’t complicate matters worse by taking on the responsibility of your child’s weight loss ...

It’s Time To Let The Experts Handle It!

Its time to let a combined TWENTY-FIVE YEARS of experience from the top professionals in fitness today handle the job.

Meet Your Better Kids Bootcamp Team

Josh Krantz - Head Trainer

Josh is one of the most accomplished trainers in the Queens and Long Island area today. He has worked with more clients in the past year than any other trainer in the surrounding area, and helped them lose thousands of pounds while enjoying the process.

But what we’re talking about here is getting your child fit and leading them to a healthy lifestyle, and for that there’s no one better trainer than Josh to handle it.

Josh is a graduate of the Physical Education program at Queens College. As part of the program was rigorous training working with and designing workout programming for children, and their specific needs. He underwent a full-time externship under the guidance of existing teachers and college faculty, to learn specifically how to train children.

However, helping children within the unfortunate confines and politics of today’s public education program wasn’t going to do it for Josh. That wasn’t the ideal environment to achieve real, lasting results for the problems kids are facing today.

With Better Kids Bootcamp, he’s put experience with adults and children together into a fun, results-based program that will keep your child motivated, active, and have them love every minute of it.
Holly Fouladi - Manager

Although our program is designed to be effective for your child, it needs to work for YOU the mom too. Holly knows how tough it is for moms today, with running a family and having a busy schedule too. That’s why it’s her goal to make the Better Kids program operate easily for you and all of the moms involved.

It’s her job to make sure that Better Kids is the finest fitness program for children today. She makes it convenient, and makes sure both you and your child get outstanding service.

Besides that, Holly is also a certified trainer with extensive experience working with children. She has helped one of her own children lose weight, and helped her other child with a gluten allergy. She knows how it feels to want the best for your child, but not have the time or options to get the results you want. That’s why she’s devoted herself to being part of the solution, and takes her responsibility at Better Kids personally.

If you ever have a question about the program, you can contact her at 917-579-3434.
Christina Carelli - Trainer

Few people you’ll ever meet have as much of a passion for children as Christina. She realized the best way to help children is to help tackle the epidemic that’s jeopardizing their health, well-being, confidence, and future. That’s the reason she’s part of Better Kids Weight Loss program.

Christina is one of the most fun and friendly people you’ll ever meet, and she brings the magic to Better Kids Bootcamp.

What’s the reason your child hasn’t gotten in great shape up to now?

It’s because children love to have fun, but no one has a clue on how to create a fitness experience that children actually enjoy. Other childrens fitness programs are program, and have boring, poorly qualified people running them.

Do you want to trust the bottom of the barrel with the wellbeing of your child?

At Better Kids, everything is different, and so is Christina. Her passion will shine through to you from the moment you meet her. She’ll become an active person in the lives of your children, and someone they can’t live without. She’ll also be your friend and confidant, and your ally in the effort to transform your child’s life.

Every effort has been made to make Better Kids Bootcamp the most effective program for children in the country.

But just being scientifically sound and results-based isn’t good enough ...

It needs to be something magical that captures your child’s imagination, or they simply won’t stick to it. This is the kind of experience Christina creates at Better Kids, and you’ll soon learn she’s the only person capable of doing it.

She makes a visit to Better Kids Bootcamp like a visit to the Magic Kingdom, and just like Disney, your child will be begging you to go back!


To help your child create lasting habits for life in a fun, friendly, judgment free environment that fosters growth, excellence , and happiness in our children, and the families and the communities in which we live.

Are You Ready To Take Action And Quite Possibly Change Your Child’s Life? Then Here’s How To Get Started:

The first step is to find the time that works best for you for your first visit. Here’s the Better Kids Bootcamp schedule:


Note your time, and after you register you will be asked which time you’ll attending for your first visit.

We are located at 45 northern blvd, out of the facility of our parent company, Better Body Bootcamp. Better Body is a fully outfitted, dedicated weight loss facility. Rest assured that this program isn’t being run out of a rec room or a community center, but out of a facility designed for Bootcamp classes.


I’m sure the last thing you're wondering is how much is a top notch children’s fitness program like this going to cost?

Its not $20 a class, or $500 a month. That would go against our mission of helping the children that need it most, and make it a worry-free decision for the moms involved.

Better Kids Bootcamp costs only $97 per month. But please don’t let the low price fool you, and don’t make the mistake of thinking this is a low budget, poorly staffed, poorly organized program.

Our goal is to be the premier program of this kind in the country. Rather than reflect that with a high price, we’ve decided to make it a convenient, affordably priced option to help for moms, and allowing the buzz goodwill we create to lead to our success.

For expert attention and guidance, and of course bottom line weight loss results, Fit Kids Bootcamp is the only way to go.

And if for whatever reason it doesn't work, you don't have to worry because you won’t pay a thing:


We guarantee that at Better Kids Bootcamp, your will lose body fat from their first 14 days in our program. If they don't you’ll get a full refund. Talk is talk, but we’re about results. Does that sound fair? Then it’s time to get your child started!

How Much Longer Will You Wait?

How much longer will you wait for things to change on their own? For your child to outgrow their weight problem? Have you considered what will happen if they don’t? Are you even willing to take that risk?

With obesity climbing, its estimated that 50 percent of adults in the year 2025 will be overweight. These adults will have a much higher risk for diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. Experts are also saying that generation will be the first in American history to have higher mortality rates and a shorter lifespan than their parents.

And what about self esteem, about happiness, about living a normal and fulfilling life, about making proper life choices because of higher self-esteem and confidence? Are you willing to risk all of this by waiting to make a decision? I’m sure you’re not, so in that case, don't wait another minute. Get started with Better Kids Bootcamp today.

Here’s where to register:

Here’s What Our Moms Have to Say About Better Kids Bootcamp:


If You Have Any Other Questions, Here Are the Ones We Get the Most:


My child isn’t really overweight, but I just want them to get more active. Is Better Kids still right for me?

If your child doesn’t have much weight to lose, don't worry; they can still benefit from our program. They will get all the same benefits of improved health, greater strength and energy, increase coordination, improved flexibility, better body image, and greater physical confidence.

Is there any commitment after the first month or can I pay month by month?

There’s no commitment when you enroll your child in Better Kids Bootcamp. You can pay as you go, all the way until you get the results and habits you want for your child. We deliver results and are a ton of fun, and that’s how we’ll keep you and your child coming back!

My child is older/younger than your 6-12 year age group - can they still join the program?

We make our program challenging for children of all ages and ability levels. We’re the experts at training for children, and know how to vary the exercises and at time separate the groups to make sure your child is getting the most attention and results. If you still have any questions, bring your child in for a private evaluation.

I want my child to improve at their sport - can Better Kids Bootcamp help them with that?

Although we don’t specialize in sports specific training, your little athlete will still benefit tremendously from Better Kids. They will develop coordination, improved endurance, quickness, and strength. Whether they participate in sports now, or you’re planning to get them involved in the future, Better Kids will help.

Okay, Are You Finally Out of Questions and Excuses? Then Now’s the Time to Get Your Child Started!

Congratulations on taking the step to start your child on a healthier life. Thank you for putting the trust in us to improve the health of your child. We take this responsibility very seriously and we won’t let you down.


Kaiser Serajuddin

Kaiser Serajuddin

Kaiser Serajuddin

ps. As a parent, I know you live for your children, and want only the best for them. That’s why when it comes to fitness and weight loss for children, we’ve designed Better Kids Bootcamp to be the absolute best program there is to get your child fit, healthy, and help them lose weight. What’s the added bonus? It’s a great time that they’re going to love and look forward to every single visit. Plus, it’s part of our mission to make our program extremely affordable, so coming is a complete no-brainer. If you’re ready to get your child started, call us at 917-579-3434. Don’t waste your time or money with activities that aren't doing the real job of getting your child fit and helping them lose weight. It’s time to get with the program that really works. The number again is 917-579-3434. We’ll be seeing you soon!

The longer you wait, the harder it will be to get the results you want for your child. The only hard part is taking the first step. Just click the link below to get started, and we’ll take care of the rest.

After being a BBBC addict myself for the last 2 years, it was only natural that my kids wanted to try BKB! After watching their mum do burpees and squats, push ups and jumping jacks, they were so excited to try everything themselves. Personally I like my kids to do after school activities that will keep them active and not sit infront of the TV all day long, so they can learn from this age what it is to stay fit and healthy. BKB is the best place for that. A warm friendly place to keep the kids happy and jumping around for 1 hour! Would more could you ask for!

Rebecca Mashieh

Better Kids Bootcamp is a brilliant idea. In an age of instant gratification and massive technological advancements, it's refreshing to find a group of inspiring professionals who believe in living a fit and healthy lifestyle, and are willing to motivate our children to do the same. This is a program that requires commitment and effort from the kids, but is also exceptionally engaging and fun.

Brian Gardner

Here you go: If you thought the BBB crew is awesome as they train us and get us into shape, wait till you see them getting our kids in shape at BKB. They make the kids' workouts so much fun for them that they can't wait to come back the next time. The workouts are age-appropriate that the kids are able to handle and enough for them to get a full workout. At the same time, they incorporate routines that keep them interested without boring them. My son was not convinced in the beginning that he was going to like it, but now he is so excited about it and looks forward to the workouts and being with either Josh or Nick.

Sam Doss

My kids always came to BBBC to watch mommy exercise. My girls started to do all the exercises at home. When I told my girls that BBBC was starting a kids Bootcamp they were so excited. They now they can work out just like mommy does and understand why BBBC is the best!!!!!

Denise Munch

I have been a member of Better Body Bootcamp since Feb 2012 and have noticed a huge difference in my body, strength, endurance and in my health. The trainers are amazing and the members are awesome. My children noticed me getting stronger and would try doing some of the exercises at home. When they heard BBB was starting a kids class they were so excited. They always wanted to try it, but never really had the opportunity. When they went for their 1st class they worked hard but at the same time laughed and enjoyed the workout. Their trainer, Josh really understands what they need and makes it always new and fun. They learn discipline and build physical strength and endurance in a fun and playful way. Never have I heard the word “boring”. They are shown proper form of how to do exercises which is wonderful because they can build on that for the rest of their lives. It builds self esteem and confidence and definitely a great way for my youngest to release energy, which he has plenty of. My kids are already talking about signing up for upcoming Spartan Kids Races and they look forward to their next classes. It's a great thing to learn at a young age!

Debbie Zakarian

My kids loved BKB grand opening! They were really excited to meet Josh and he made it a fun, healthy 45 minute workout. The kids participated in all sorts of exercises like jumping jacks, pushups, mountain climbers, punches, etc. Thank you BKB for introducing my kids to a healthier lifestyle.

Patricia Zabala

When I heard that Better Body was starting a Better Kids Bootcamp I was so excited. My nephew Liam is always asking about what I do at Bootcamp, and then he shows me moves and asks if we do this. We Bootcamp together at home, but when he learned that he was now allowed to go to Aunt Bay's Bootcamp he was thrilled! He told my sister and I that "He couldn't wait to show off his moves." He is almost 5, and did great. Josh was amazing with the kids. They were working out and having such a good time. I was so excited seeing him enjoy himself. Liam even declared Josh as his new favorite teacher! I now receive 7 am calls from him asking when his next Bootcamp class is. He looks forward to it, I love that. Thanks Better Body for putting kids on the right track to a healthier life style.

Hannah Dillon

For those of you who know me, it's no secret how I feel about BBB. It doesnt fit into the "gym" category. For me it's become a lifestyle.
The feeling of excitement when you know it's time for class coupled with the sense of accomplishment when you know you've given it your all cannot compete with any other emotion!
Naturally, I wanted my children to have the same experience. Needless to say, when BKB finally came into fruition, watching from the sidelines became a distant memory. The kids were no longer benched, lol...they became part of a team.....
My 11 and 7 year old run home and change before I could even give the order. All that extra, phenominon of energy the children have after school is released. The "magic" is, the children don't realize that along with excercise, BKB teaches them discipline, ambition and self respect. Because at the end of each class, their confidence grows and they own it. And that is something that will follow them through life and can never be taken away by anyone.
My son described it best in a single word..."magic". (He was refering to Salim's class). Just like a magician puts hours of unnoticed preperation into a trick, and poof, we're amazed at the outcome. BBB is no different. Your so busy concentrating on the trainers next move, that you forget how hard you worked. And like magic, you've become a different person. Inside and out.
I could go on, lol.....I used to write 40 page papers on a single painting. So when you asked me to write a few sentences, you may have asked the wrong person...:) viva BKB!!!

Lillian Obert